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Vivek Agarwal

  • Current Position: Naval Weapons Systems Developer
  • Home State: New Jersey
  • Undergraduate Degree: Physics – Jawaharlal Nehru University, 2000
  • Career Focus: Entrepreneurship
Get to Know Vivek

“I began my career in the Indian Navy, working in field operations before specializing in weapon systems development. When I decided to pivot into the corporate sector, I thought an MSBA from CMU would help. I wanted to understand business operations while building an analytical background.”

“The online program allowed me to have a lot of flexibility between work, family and academics. I was struck by the high quality of instruction from Tepper professors, who were always willing to go out of their way to help students. The members of my cohort were also very helpful, highly professional and always fun to be with.”

“I learned statistical methods that I’ve used to analyze the market I’m now targeting for a startup. But I also found the subject of machine learning very interesting and may even end up pursuing a PhD program in the field.”

Caroline Baer

  • Current Position: Aeronautical Engineer
  • Employer: Lockheed Martin
  • Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
  • Undergraduate Degree: Industrial Engineering – Purdue College of Engineering, 2016
  • Career Focus: Data-Driven Leadership
Get to Know Caroline

“After I graduated from Purdue, I headed into the aviation defense industry. At Lockheed Martin, I worked on the F-22 Raptor program to optimize maintainability, reliability and diagnostics. I moved into an Operations Analyst role in the research and design sector. Finally, I found myself in a core team that supports all programs in the Aeronautics organization to drive advanced analytics capabilities for projects including supply chain, production, diagnostics and labor forecasting.”

“I chose to earn my MSBA degree online so I could continue working while learning. I can quickly apply topics from class to problems in my job and bring up work questions during lectures and office hours. For example, the Statistical Foundations in Business Analytics course dived into specific models that can be applied to a wide range of problems, including some quality defects I see at work.”

“After spending the first BaseCamp weekend together, it feels like the members of my cohort are a group of friends. Getting to know them has opened my eyes to additional applications of our collective skills across so many functions and industries. Even with such different perspectives, we also find many similarities in the types of problems that we face. The online MSBA program is giving me the business skills to lead large teams and drive business change, as well as the technical foundation to utilize these advanced techniques to lay the roadmap for decisions.”

Jonathan Culbert

  • Current Position: Actuary
  • Employer: Delta Dental
  • Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
  • Undergraduate Degree: Economics – Eastern Michigan University, 2010
  • Career Focus: Data-Driven Leadership
Get to Know Jonathan

“I started my career as a radio broadcaster. After working in several music formats, writing and anchoring news reports, and hosting my own morning show, I eventually decided I wanted a more stable career. I went back to school to study economics and ended up in the actuarial science field, where I’ve been working ever since.”

“To take my career to the next level, I wanted to learn the cutting-edge analytics techniques and technical skills that are in such high demand in the marketplace. There were many business analytics programs to choose from, but none with as rigorous a foundation as the Tepper MSBA.”

“The Tepper faculty have been phenomenal. Each of them is clearly at the top of their field, yet with our small class sizes I’ve been able to ask questions, engage in conversation and get to know each of them. I learned to create data visualizations in R that really impressed my coworkers, and I’ve begun work on a Random Forest prediction model that shows great promise for driving key decisions in the future.”

“In addition to a busy career, I also have a family to take care of at home. Leaving my job and moving somewhere to attend school full-time wasn’t an option for me. The online MSBA allows me to have access to a world-class education without moving or putting my career on hold. While learning to balance work, family, and two serious classes at a time has been a real challenge, it’s also been an opportunity to prove to myself that I can rise to that challenge and overcome it.”

Sagar Dubey

  • Current Position: IT Consultant
  • Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Undergraduate Degree: Computer Science – Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata, India
  • Career Focus: Consultancy
Get to Know Sagar

“I work at an IT consulting firm where we’re building a payment cards product from the ground up with the scope for advanced analytics and AI. As a product owner, I need to understand and translate advanced analytics requirements into a tangible, functional product.”

“I chose to earn my MSBA online so I could apply what I learned into my work as soon as possible. I was surprised by the level of rigor in the online classroom. The professors were excellent, and my cohort was very interactive and friendly. I learned forecasting techniques that were directly relevant to the functionalities we’re trying to build into the product.”

Sarah Johnson

  • Current Position: Customer Operations Analyst
  • Employer: HubSpot
  • Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
  • Undergraduate Degree: Economics and International Relations – Tufts University, 2017
  • Career Focus: Analytics Leadership
Get to Know Sarah

“I began my career in the Analyst Development Program at Liberty Mutual Insurance, where I was exposed to new analytical skills such as SQL and began working with large, complex data. Following rotations on various analytics teams in the organization, I became a product analyst focused on Personal Lines product experience. After almost two years at Liberty Mutual, I transitioned industries to software and began working at HubSpot. As a Customer Operations Analyst, I work on projects related to forecasting, planning and understanding customer behavior.”

“I chose the MSBA program because I wanted to advance my analytical skills. As an economics major, I did not have much of a coding background, so I wanted a program that would be accessible but also challenging. I was very excited about the flexibility of an online program and the chance to connect with faculty and students outside of my geographic area. I find that between working full time and completing coursework, it is a busy enough schedule without worrying about commuting to one of the universities in my area.”

“Since starting the program, I have found that the online environment means the professors are more available to talk outside of class, and I interact with my fellow students via Slack or video calls all the time. Everything is grounded in a business context, so the classes are very applicable to my current role, as well as preparing me for career growth.”

Emma MacKay

  • Current Position: Data Engineer
  • Hometown: Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
  • Undergraduate Degree: Industrial Engineering – Dalhousie University – 2017
  • Career Focus: Data-Driven Leadership
Get to Know Emma

“Since graduating from Dalhousie University, I have worked in investment management on a data engineering team in Toronto. I decided to join the MSBA program at Tepper to build critical business skills with a focus on the use of data and analytics to drive business decisions.”

“Coming from an engineering background, I had a strong technical foundation which I wanted to build upon. However, I also wanted to develop the key business skills needed to drive change and advancement at a company. The ability to continue working full time while pursuing my degree was also very important to me, and an online degree offered the flexibility I needed to succeed.”

“I was happily surprised to learn how interactive Tepper’s online MSBA is. The small class sizes and group work allow me to build meaningful connections with my professors and classmates. The faculty are very responsive and available to set up meetings and provide tailored feedback. I have also enjoyed being able to connect with them during our in-person kickoff event and virtual happy hour.”

“I have applied many concepts from the MSBA program in my workplace. Building a foundation in machine learning has allowed me to better understand and contribute to research activities.”

Stefanie Montgomery

  • Current Position: Data Analyst
  • Employer: Adobe
  • Hometown: Cherry Hill, New Jersey
  • Undergraduate Degree: Computer Science and Mathematics – University of Maryland College Park – 2013
  • Career Focus: Data Science
Get to Know Stefanie

“After undergrad, I spent about four years in software development for federal consulting companies. I then transitioned into a data analytics role in the professional services organization of a major e-commerce software company, which eventually was acquired by Adobe. My role consisted of planning and executing data strategy for clients in the small and mid-sized business e-commerce space.”

“The Tepper MSBA program was attractive to me because of the structured synchronous sessions, in-person weekends and emphasis on learning new technical skills through the lens of business applications. My classmates come from a variety of undergraduate programs and career experiences, and it’s so interesting to hear everyone’s perspective. The faculty are engaging, friendly, and, best of all, incredibly respectful of the fact that we are working professionals with outside lives.”

“This program helped me land a role on an internal data science team within Adobe that aggregates and analyzes data to provide competitive benchmarking for enterprise clients, as well as publishes industry-specific thought leadership pieces. I use concepts from our Data Visualization class to create analyses for executives at various enterprise companies with confidence that I’m conveying the message I want to send.”

Sruthi Suresh

  • Current Position: Implementation Consultant
  • Hometown: Kendall Park, New Jersey
  • Undergraduate Degree: Biomedical Engineering
  • Career Focus: Healthcare Data Science
Get to Know Sruthi

“I chose the MSBA program at Tepper because my passion is to bridge the gap between healthcare and data science. Carnegie Mellon is a pioneer in technology and business, and the MSBA program taught me how to manipulate large data sets, understand machine learning algorithms and develop insights that will enable me to succeed in my career. The flexible online curriculum has empowered me to explore intellectual paths across business analytics.”

“Coming from a science background, I wasn’t familiar with business terminology or programming in R. By taking classes in the MSBA program, I learned technical concepts as well as business skills. When the company I work for was recently acquired, I was able to use my new corporate finance skills to evaluate and understand the process.”

“I was surprised by the amount of interaction between the faculty and the students. There have been a lot of opportunities to seek help from the professors and TAs even though we are not physically on campus. This has been extremely helpful in creating a stimulating learning environment. The Tepper faculty members are some of the nicest and most knowledgeable people I have met. They are always happy to take time out of their busy schedule to work with you. I’ve enjoyed my experiences with my cohort, and it’s really interesting to see the innovative ways data can be applied in a diverse range of industries.”

Hewitt Trinh

  • Current Position: Robotic Process Automation Developer
  • Employer: Medline
  • Hometown: Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Undergraduate Degree: Accounting – University of Texas at Dallas – 2014
  • Master’s Degree: Accounting – University of Texas at Dallas – 2016
  • Career Focus: Deep Learning in Industrial Robots
Get to Know Hewitt

“Right out of school, I got a job at the technology division of a major accounting firm. I had never considered programming as my career path until I taught myself to write code to better serve my clients. I decided to specialize in digital process automation because I was fascinated by how automation adds value to a company’s operations across industries.”

“Even though my enthusiasm and learning ability allowed me to switch careers, I had gaps in my educational background, especially since new AI capabilities lead to constant updates in my technical domain. The MSBA program was ideal because the curriculum had the right mix of theoretical frameworks and business applications. The online format meant there would be no interruption to my visa status and income.”

“I’ve wholly enjoyed the program every step of the way. Our mentors really go the extra mile to provide us with the best resources. My cohort members inspired me with their professionalism, passion and ingenuity despite their busy lives. I’m sure the bonds we’ve made will extend far beyond the life of this program.”

“Perhaps the most profound gifts I have gained from the MSBA program are a renewed enthusiasm for lifelong learning and the confidence that I can create real impact on a business. A stronger technical foundation helps me come to our technology vendors with meaningful questions: I can see through the hype to effectively identify and consult on worthy investments.”