Douglas Levine

  • Current Position: Product Manager, Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • Current City: Boston, Massachusetts
  • Hometown: Madison, Connecticut
  • Undergraduate Degree: Economics, Psychology and Business – Brandeis University, 2017
  • Career Focus: Data analysis and management
  • Hobbies and Interests: Rugby, traveling, hiking and photography
Get to Know Douglas

“After graduating from Brandeis, I joined an analyst rotational program at Liberty Mutual Insurance and progressed into product management. In my role, I focus on using analytics to drive product strategy as we introduce new insurance products to meet the needs of consumers in the changing transportation environment.”

“I knew that I wanted to pursue an advanced degree, but I also enjoyed my role at work and wanted to make sure that I’d have a good balance between the two while still maintaining my other activities. Earning my MSBA online allows me to apply my learnings immediately at work and bring examples from work into the classroom — while providing me the flexibility to excel at both.”

“From each course, I feel like I’ve gained a technique that I can apply on the job or learned a concept that I could explain to someone else. Despite being hundreds of miles away, faculty members are easy to access, very understanding and truly want to help us succeed.”

Priyanka Shirur

  • Current Position: Assistant Clinical Project Manager for Clinical Research and Operations
  • Hometown/Current City: San Ramon, California
  • Undergraduate Degree: Bioengineering: Bioinformatics – University of California San Diego, 2016
  • Career Focus: Analytics for biotech and technology industries
  • Hobbies and Interests: Traveling, basketball and baking
Get to Know Priyanka

“The main reasons I chose the MSBA program at Tepper were the flexibility of the online program and Carnegie Mellon’s long-standing history of achievements in data science and analytics. The flexibility allows me to be a multidimensional learner — at work and at school — and CMU provides me with the support and resources to get the most out of all my courses.”

“It surprised me how easy it was to connect with my professors and my classmates. We all were able to communicate very well and in a timely manner. I found that the faculty are very willing to help, accommodating and invested in the quality of learning, not just getting the job done. Interacting with members of my cohort is a pleasure. Everyone comes from different backgrounds, and it’s been great learning from them as well.”

“After I complete the MSBA program, I want to put my analytics skills to work in either a biotech or technology company that fosters growth and teamwork. I would like to be able to direct business decisions from my analytical findings. I believe the MSBA program will help me because I am not only learning technical skills, but also strengthening my communications and delivery skills.”

Steve Barnard

  • Current Position: Head of Data Science and Loss Control, Coterie Insurance
  • Current City: Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
  • Undergraduate Degree: Biology – Loyola University Chicago, 2017
  • Career Focus: Entrepreneurship and strategic leadership in data science
  • Hobbies and Interests: Brewing beer, composing and producing music, running and spending time with family
Get to Know Steve

“I’ve been working in the insurance industry for five years, dealing with claims data. The combination of my domain knowledge and the knowledge gained from the MSBA program has allowed me to accept a position as the head of data science and loss control at an InsureTech startup.”

“The Tepper MSBA program provided the expert knowledge I sought with the flexibility to move cross-country and help start a business, all while raising a family. Most other programs were MBAs with data and analytics as an afterthought; the MSBA is much more aligned with my passion for applied analytics in business. My skills in database management, data visualization and applied machine learning have been incredibly useful in the startup world. I’ve been able to set up our entire data pipeline from ingestion to output, in both visualizations and machine learning models.”

“The other students in my MSBA cohort are amazing people who share a passion for analytics, data and success. The faculty is knowledgeable and accessible. They speak directly with you and not at you and are truly partners in the MSBA journey.”

Ray Li

  • Current Position: Data Analyst, Bird Rides
  • Current City: Los Angeles, CA
  • Hometown: Zhongshan, Guangdong, China
  • Undergraduate Degrees: Applied Mathematics and Statistics – University of California, Davis, 2017
  • Career Focus: Data analytics manager or data scientist
  • Hobbies and Interests: Data analysis, books, hiking and snowboarding
Get to Know Ray

“I came from a quantitative background that didn’t focus on business in my undergraduate studies. Right after undergrad, I started as a Data Analyst in the renewable energy industry and became a Data Scientist at the same company. As my work experience accumulated, I realized the importance of business knowledge and skills and now believe that an outstanding professional should be sharp both in business and technicality.”

“I chose to earn my MSBA online because I don’t want to quit my job to become a full-time student at this point. I have the opportunity to learn from the best instructors, who are very responsive to questions, and work with passionate and wonderful peers who are equally (if not more) ambitious about their own professional goals.”

“I found a new job in a tech company in the transportation industry as a Data Analyst. I constantly apply the principles I learned from my data visualization class whenever I am preparing presentation decks or charts for my work. I pay attention to the nitty-gritty details and ensure my audience understands my message. I always think about how humans process information and constantly try to sell my point in a visual way. My writing skills have improved a lot from the communication class, thanks to awesome feedback from the instructor and my peers.”

Thommy Xavier Santiago

  • Current Position: Principal Analyst
  • Current City: Austin, TX
  • Hometown: Bayamon, Puerto Rico
  • Undergraduate Degree: University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus
  • Graduate Degree: Master of Business Administration, Carnegie Mellon University, Tepper School of Business
  • Career Focus: Data science and policy leadership for the nuclear industry
Get to Know Thommy

“I’m a Tepper alumnus, so choosing the Tepper MSBA was a no brainer! I had the opportunity to apply the quantitative concepts I learned while in the Tepper MBA to drive policy changes at my workplace. Experiencing firsthand the power of data and analytics in the business setting cemented my interest.”

“The MSBA offers the same quality of education, engagement and flexibility that you would expect from any Tepper program. It is highly interactive and collaborative, with an impressive level of participation in our cohort. Even when we’re remote, you don’t feel it. Faculty are fully vested in students’ education, but also in our well-being. They provide constant support and are very responsive.”

“I was surprised by the level, depth and pragmatic nature of the courses. For example, the Machine Learning course is extremely hands on. You’re not taking pre-canned codes and changing input data. We’re actually developing algorithms from scratch. It’s been an extremely fulfilling experience! Understanding the theory behind visualizations helped me improve my Tableau dashboards and presentation decks at work.”