How a Master’s in Business Analytics Can Boost Your Salary

We are drawn to the analytics field for many reasons: a desire for interesting projects, a fascination with data, a near-obsession with problem-solving. But the ambition to earn a decent paycheck is also usually high on people’s lists. The good news for data analytics professionals? “In general, the market is …
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What Can You Do With a Master’s In Business Analytics?

Let’s get right to it: you have picked an outstanding time to pursue a business analytics degree. Demand is high for graduates who can expertly analyze data and use it to solve complex business problems. “We’re seeing a broad increase in recognition for the skills that programs like the Tepper …
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Choosing Between an MBA in Business Analytics vs Master’s in Business Analytics

It’s no secret that organizations across the globe are investing heavily in analytics to capture and gather insights from the estimated 2.5 quintillion bytes of data generated per day. However, many of these organizations simply acquire new analytics tools without changing the culture—resulting in big data projects being abandoned before …
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Choosing Between an MS in Business Intelligence vs Business Analytics

For modern businesses, the most valuable asset they have is their data. Yet, with a predicted job shortage of 1.5 million big data experts by 2018, many organizations will struggle to manage and use their data effectively. Data specialists with a flair for business are already in high demand and …
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Master’s in Data Science vs Master’s in Business Analytics

Whether they prefer to be data-driven or data-informed, companies want to make data-derived insights part of their business decisions. The only problem is that they’re falling short. A Harvard Business Review survey of C-level technology and business executives found that 72% of participants “have yet to forge a data culture” …
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Master’s in Data Analytics vs Master’s in Business Analytics: Which is Right for You?

If you look at data-related job postings right now, you’ll see companies using “data analytics” and “business analytics” in different ways (sometimes even within the same ad). Because data science fields are relatively new, jostling is still taking place when it comes to terms like “data analytics,” “business analytics,” “data …
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The Benefits of Learning Data Analytics From a Business School

Companies in almost every industry now collect vast amounts of data about their customers, competition and supply chains. But gathering information is relatively simple. Discovering the full value of data analytics in business is a constant challenge. That’s where the efforts of business analytics professionals become critical. Back in 2012, …
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Is a Master’s in Business Analytics Worth It?

You’ve likely seen the headlines touting the ongoing need for data professionals or the growing demand that businesses become more data-driven. Yet, even with excellent job prospects and potential for career advancement, going back to school is still a major investment, both in terms of your time and your money. …
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