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Roopa Bharadwaj

Roopa Bharadwaj

  • Current Position: Strategic Business Analyst
  • Employer: Chase
  • Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
  • Undergraduate Degree: Mathematics – Osmania University, 2006
  • Graduate Degree: Master’s in Geoscience – Victoria University of Wellington, 2012
  • Career Focus: Data Leadership
Get to Know Roopa

“I chose to attend Tepper because the school provides a unique focus on analytics and business, being not only a pioneer in AI and machine learning but also in management and business. The era of COVID, along with family constraints, made me choose an online degree.”

“I was surprised that the program is so intense, as rigorous as earning a degree on campus. The faculty is always helpful in answering questions and very understanding of the unforeseen circumstances and challenges we face in this era. I feel like I have the best cohort! We discuss tough assignment questions and have fun doing it.”

“This degree provides me a unique platform to build on my current skill set along with my managerial and networking abilities. I’ve already applied what I learned about data modeling based on decision trees in my workplace.”

Samuel Hartman

Samuel Hartman

  • Current Position: Actuarial Analyst
  • Hometown: Staten Island, New York
  • Undergraduate Degrees: Mathematics – New York University, 2008
    Applied Mathematics – Brooklyn College, 2016
  • Career Focus: Business Analytics, Data Analysis and Data Science
Get to Know Samuel

“I am interested in changing careers, and the Tepper online MSBA appealed to me because of the top quality professors and emphasis on business, math, analysis and machine learning. The program will teach me the skills I need to enter the field of business analytics/data analytics/data science and succeed at the highest level.”

“I appreciate the course structure where professors offer live lessons as well as pre-recorded notes and lectures. This allows me to learn at the pace that is most comfortable to me (including being able to pause pre-recorded lessons, and rewatch them). I am thus highly prepared for my live lessons and retaining an incredible amount of knowledge. I have been learning a lot about statistics and programming which I hope to use to develop ‘simple’ machine learning algorithms that can model and predict future outcomes.”

“I expected my classmates to be bright, and they have met and surpassed that expectation, but they are also quite fun and down to earth. My cohort has been incredibly friendly. We have numerous online study and homework sessions and an active WhatsApp group. We all want to help each other out. I am here to learn, but I am having fun along the way. Props to all my fellow NBA fans in the cohort.”

“The Tepper faculty are incredibly engaged in helping their students. Professors go beyond their normal office hours to help students, answer personal emails and show a clear desire to help us succeed in any way they can.”

Josh Kennedy

  • Current Position: Head of Data & Systems
  • Employer: GetSales
  • Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Undergraduate Degree: Finance – University of Nevada, 2014
  • Career Focus: Data Leadership
Get to Know Josh

“I started my career in 2014 as a financial analyst in Las Vegas at one of the largest gaming companies, Caesars Entertainment. I then joined Uber in 2016 as an operations manager for the Southern California region. I primarily focused on experimentation and data analysis on the driver acquisition funnel and eventually became an analytics manager building products for the US and Canada driver funnel. In 2018, I left Uber for Zume, a series B startup, to help build last-mile delivery programs for their ghost kitchen businesses. In April of 2020, I joined a small tech/sales startup that specializes in optimizing and improving the acquisition funnels of marketplace tech companies as the head of Data and Systems.”

“I’ve worked in analytics and data mostly from an operations perspective and felt as though I lacked data science and academic rigor. Tepper’s online MSBA offered the perfect level of depth to help grow my analytics toolkit. I didn’t want to take a two-year pause in my career and appreciated the opportunity to have real-world business scenarios to apply the learnings from the MSBA program.”

“A few weeks into the program, my statistics chops have really been strengthened! I now think about experimentation and conditional probabilities with more depth. I was surprised by how quickly everything moves and how incredible the rest of the cohort is. Everyone is incredibly engaged and we’ve formed a tight community. The professors are very responsive and interested in helping. They want to see us succeed.”

Johnathan Khodr

Johnathan Khodr

  • Current Position: Maintenance Programs Engineer
  • Employer: Boeing
  • Hometown: Los Angeles, California
  • Undergraduate Degree: Mechanical Engineering – University of California, San Diego, 2019
  • Career Focus: Business Analytics
Get to Know Johnathan

“I chose the online MSBA program at Tepper because I see it as the No. 1 program in the U.S. for individuals looking to get into this relatively new field. Not only does the degree carry the prestige of the Tepper School of Business, but the program provides students with all the benefits, resources and tools at the disposal of an on-campus student.”

“As a full-time engineer, an online program has provided me with an outstanding level of flexibility that allows me to continue to grow and maintain my career while also dramatically expanding my skill set in ways that wouldn’t be possible with an in-person degree. The work/school balance at the MSBA program has been much better than I anticipated. I am able to go through each week without feeling burnt out and still have some free time to pursue my hobbies.”

“The faculty at Tepper are encouraging, intellectual and accommodating people. In each course, the professors have created a curriculum that is engaging, but not overwhelming. After only three weeks, the program dramatically improved my fluency in the basics of statistics and programming, which allowed me to move into projects in the workplace that I previously did not have the skills to do.”

“I honestly was not expecting to become very close with the members of my cohort, but I have been proven wrong. Even without having the BaseCamp experience, I have been able to form connections with the members of my cohort. My cohort has fostered an environment where we all seek to help and encourage one another.”

“Getting an MSBA has provided me with the opportunity to get many of the benefits of attending a business school while also learning the technical and analytical skills I’ll need to position myself as a strong candidate in the budding field of business analytics. I hope to use this program as both a learning and networking opportunity that will allow me to propel myself into whatever career path I choose.”

Jamie Khoo

Jamie Khoo

  • Current Position: Director, Marketing Sciences
  • Employer: PHD
  • Hometown: Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
  • Undergraduate Degree: Psychology – University of North Texas, 2009
  • Career Focus: Marketing and Advertising/FinTech
Get to Know Jamie

“I started work in the public sector as a research assistant to a Parliament Member in the House of Commons of Malaysia. I then went on to work in a think tank as a research fellow. Eventually, I was invited to join a large media planning agency as a media planner, but I really wanted to continue to be a researcher. I had a particular interest in market research. The agency eventually allowed an international transfer to New York for me to learn the discipline of marketing sciences. Five years later, I’m now a director for the marketing science department in PHD media in New York.”

“I chose to pursue an online MSBA from Tepper because I like the flexibility of keeping my really good full-time job and learning from the best. Thus far, I’ve found that the case study approach to learning statistics is really helpful. I have deciphered how an auto-optimization algorithm works in online advertising bidding platforms through my knowledge of Bayes’ theorem.”

“The cohort really gets along well. I’m learning just as much from my peers as from the instructors and teaching materials. They live in different timezones, so if you’re stuck on a math problem at 2 a.m., there’s someone awake on the WhatsApp chat room who could possibly take your questions.”

Chatchawan Lakkhananukun

Chatchawan Lakkhananukun

  • Current Position: Technology Manager
  • Employer: Chemical Express
  • Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Undergraduate Degree: Engineering, Mechatronics – University of Auckland, 2014
  • Career Focus: Analytics Leadership
Get to Know Chatchawan

“After working as a safety automation consultant and a web developer in New Zealand, I decided to come back to Thailand in 2018 and joined Chemical Express, a local chemical distributor. I was promoted to technology manager with a focus on managing digital transformation projects and using data as the main driver for the company. This includes bringing in CRM tech to integrate with the current ERP system, looking into how to grow the company using digital channels and planning data analytics initiatives so that we can leverage data to make better decisions.”

“I chose to pursue an online MSBA from Tepper because the program offers a unique combination of courses that bridge the gap between technical and business sides of analytics. I find that the courses are well balanced, giving students a taste of how analytics can be applied in the real world. Tepper is one of the top-ranked business schools, known for its quantitative approach for business management, and provides resources for students to become successful, such as the career and leadership centers. The online degree is flexible enough for me to study part-time while working and staying with my family.”

“The quality of the program has surpassed my expectations. There is a lot of engagement with the instructor and your classmates, including a virtual office hour for every class. From the use of Canvas, where course content is delivered, to Zoom, where the live interactions happen, it is all well executed. We have a messenger group on WhatsApp where everyone supports each other in their coursework. I think I am fortunate to be in this cohort as people are really here to learn and they are not afraid of being wrong. Apart from not feeling the cold weather, I feel like I am attending university in person.”

Andrea Levy

Andrea Levy

  • Current Position: Managing Consultant
  • Employer: IBM Global Business Services
  • Hometown: New York, New York
  • Undergraduate Degree: Mathematics, Statistics – Columbia University, 2013
Get to Know Andrea

“After graduating from Columbia University, I started working for IBM Global Business Services in consulting. I am currently a managing consultant in the Financial Services Wealth Management practice. While I have gained a strong business background through my experience in consulting, I wanted to boost my analytics skills.”

“I decided to look for part-time programs for graduate study in early 2020, before the coronavirus pandemic. While I wanted to gain a graduate degree, I did not want to leave my full-time job. When I discovered the MSBA program at Tepper, I was intrigued given the strong reputation Tepper has for a focus on analytics and technical skills in a business context. The flexibility of an online program was even better for me as it meant I could have access to all of the academic resources of Carnegie Mellon and Tepper and still stay in New York.”

“The online MSBA has the perfect balance of synchronous and asynchronous learning. I was surprised by how interactive the program has been.The faculty are extremely accomplished in their fields and are extremely accessible, even though we are all remote. I have enjoyed the weekly office hour sessions via Zoom.”

“The small size of the MSBA program gives all the members of the cohort the opportunity to get to know one another. Due to the ongoing pandemic, my cohort was unable to go to Pittsburgh for BaseCamp, but we still interact almost daily either in classes, homework sessions or our WhatsApp group.”

Christian Meyer

Christian Meyer

  • Current Position: Management Consulting
  • Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Undergraduate Degree: Economics, Finance – Duke University, 2019
  • Career Focus: Applied Intelligence
Get to Know Christian

“I chose to pursue an online MSBA from Tepper to develop skills for the ever-digitizing world while I continue to work full-time. I don’t have a technical background, so the most interesting and useful skills I have been learning are programming in Python. I am now able to dive into my company’s Data Bootcamp, an event where analysts from across the country compete to earn prizes and recognition.”

“I was surprised by how collaborative and supportive the cohort has been. We have never met in person but only after a few weeks we feel like a tightly knit group of individuals. We have multiple recurring study sessions a week to help each other with difficult problems and concepts. The faculty are very responsive and clearly interested in seeing everyone succeed.”

Sushrut Prabhakar

Sushrut Prabhakar

  • Current Position: Strategist – Trust and Safety
  • Employer: Google
  • Hometown: Gurugram, Haryana, India
  • Undergraduate Degree: Electronics and Communication Engineering – SRM University, 2015
  • Career Focus: Product Management
Get to Know Sushrut

“I enrolled in the online MSBA to gain business expertise along with the technical skills required to transition to roles such as product management. Because the program was online, I could earn my master’s without leaving a comfortable and well-paid job at Google. With an online MSBA from a prestigious university like CMU and my work experience from Google, I will be poised to achieve greater goals in the future.”

Esther Ryu

Esther Ryu

  • Current Position: Product/Project Manager
  • Employer: Raytheon Technologies
  • Hometown: San Diego, California
  • Undergraduate Degree: Bioengineering, Bioinformatics – University of California San Diego, 2019
  • Career Focus: Analytics/Product Management
Get to Know Esther

“Upon graduation I joined United Technologies’ (now Raytheon Technologies’) Digital Technology Leadership Program. I currently work as a product/project manager in the commercial aerospace sector, managing the development of a flight optimization path application for pilots that saves both time and gas. I’m interested in a career switch into tech or biotech in the analytics field or as a product manager for data-focused products.”

“I chose the online MSBA program so I could continue to work as I educated myself. I envision this program helping me achieve my goals by learning the cutting edge analytics used today and applied to practical business cases. Tepper also offered immense career resources and the added perk of meeting my classmates and professors during the on-campus immersions.”

“I was amazed by the level of support and care the faculty and advisors put into the students. Even though we are online students, we are treated with the same level of care as on-campus students. For example, we have access to the same career resources, plus really well thought-out care packages. Through this program, I see both my technical and leadership skills growing. The coursework on communication will help me to translate complex ideas to less technical stakeholders. The Python class helped me to better understand the code I’m reading, and the stats class gave me insights into which products are effective.”

“My interactions with Tepper faculty have been extremely positive. They all seem very excited to teach, and it’s evident a lot of care went into the program design. The members of my cohort are also positive and encouraging. Everyone wants the best for each other, and we all strive toward a common goal. I didn’t think it’d be possible to form connections through Zoom before this program, but Tepper does a wonderful job of facilitating onboarding activities and encouraging the use of video.”

Jocelyn Wang

Jocelyn Wang

  • Current Position: Senior Analyst, Production Data & Analytics
  • Employer: Walt Disney Animation Studios
  • Hometown: Walnut, California
  • Undergraduate Degree: Applied Mathematics – University of California, Berkeley, 2018
Get to Know Jocelyn

“I currently work at the Walt Disney Animation Studios as a member of the Studio Analytics team, where we build forecasting models and optimization algorithms to increase operational excellence in the movie-making process. My work experience has given me ample exposure to the many practical applications of data and the powerful role that it has in encouraging business success. However, I aspire to advance my knowledge in these concepts even further.”

“I chose the MSBA program at Tepper because its curriculum not only focuses on developing strong technical foundations, but also provides opportunities to understand analytics in a business context. I believe that this program will help me to strengthen these skills and develop a greater intuition for applying the proper analytical methods in various scenarios. One of the first things we learned in this program was decision analysis, which is a systematic approach to making business decisions that involves considering risk. This framework has allowed me to think about similar problems in my workplace in a more methodical and logical way.”

“The amount of collaboration and interaction with fellow classmates and faculty has been a pleasant surprise. It’s inspiring to see so many motivated individuals coming from various backgrounds with the intent to learn and help one another succeed. Learning in an online and physically distanced environment has fostered a greater sense of collaboration within the cohort. I love that there is always an open forum where people can feel comfortable asking for help from fellow classmates, whether it’s through the cohort group chat or through live working sessions. It is evident that the professors are passionate about their craft and are dedicated to ensuring our understanding of the course material. They are always more than willing to help, even if it means setting aside time to meet with students personally.”