As part of a global university with locations and students from around the world, the Tepper School of Business welcomes the diverse perspectives international students bring to our programs.

The online Master of Science in Business Analytics offers a unique opportunity for individuals nearly everywhere to earn a degree at the intersection of business, technology and analytics from one of the world’s most innovative business schools.

To help ensure you are fully prepared for the admissions process and, if admitted, for success as a student, this page provides detailed information about requirements for international applicants.

We look forward to reviewing your application.

International Admissions

The online MSBA considers for admission international applicants who reside within, or outside of, the domestic United States. In addition to meeting all MSBA admissions requirements described on the main Admissions page, international candidates must also meet the requirements described below.

Please note that we are unable to admit students who are residents of U.S. sanctioned countries.

Student Visas

Since the program is delivered fully online, enrollment in the program will not qualify students for a student visa to enter the United States, including Campus Experiences. Should a student who requires a U.S. visa choose to attend the Campus Experience, he/she will need to obtain one using other qualifying factors (work, tourism, etc.), related to the purpose of their visit to the United States. Otherwise, the student may attend the experience virtually.

Value Added Tax (VAT) for International Students

The tuition, required fees and other amounts quoted for this program do not include charges for international Taxes (hereinafter defined). The student is responsible for payment of all international Taxes (if any) relating to the tuition, required fees and other amounts required to be paid by the student to Carnegie Mellon for the program, including any international Taxes payable as a result of the student’s payment of such international Taxes.

The student must timely make all payments due to Carnegie Mellon without deduction for international Taxes, unless the deduction is required by law. If the student is required under applicable law to withhold international Taxes from any payment due to Carnegie Mellon, the student is responsible for timely (i) paying to Carnegie Mellon such additional amounts as are necessary so that Carnegie Mellon receives the full amount that it would have received absent such withholding, and (ii) providing to Carnegie Mellon all documentation, if any, necessary to permit the student and/or Carnegie Mellon to claim the application of available tax treaty benefits (for Carnegie Mellon review and completion, if warranted and acceptable).

International Taxes mean any taxes, governmental charges, duties, or similar additions or deductions of any kind, including all use, income, goods and services, value added, excise and withholding taxes, excluding all U.S. Federal, state or local income taxes which may be assessed on the income of Carnegie Mellon in the United States or Carnegie Mellon’s franchise taxes in the United States.

Applicants from Sanctioned Countries

Individuals who have U.S. sanctions levied against them or who are ordinarily resident of U.S. sanctioned countries or expecting to live in certain U.S. sanctioned countries while participating in the program as a student are not eligible for admission to all or certain programs at Carnegie Mellon University due to U.S. legal restrictions or prohibitions.

Applications from these individuals or residents of these countries will, if restricted or prohibited, not be accepted. If a non-sanctioned individual is admitted to a program while ordinarily resident or living in a non-U.S. sanctioned country and his/her status, residency or country in which he/she is then living while participating in the program subsequently changes during the program to one of the countries listed, continued enrollment in the program may be terminated and/or restricted due to U.S. legal restrictions and/or prohibitions and the individual may not be able to complete his/her degree.

Participation in the Online MSBA

Technology Requirements

Continual and unfettered use of the required IT environment, including uninterrupted access to a broadband internet connection, are integral to the program and to each student’s ability to fully participate in, and complete, each aspect of the program and the program in its entirety. Please visit our FAQ page for detailed information about technology requirements.

Students who do not have such access, and/or are not able to maintain such access, may be advised by a representative of the program to withdraw from the program, following the university’s prescribed process for withdrawal, and subject to the tuition refund policy as outlined on the Student Financial Services website.

Time Zones and Attendance Requirements

Please note that classes will be taught on the U.S. Eastern Time schedule, and students must be available to attend all live classes, regardless of location.

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