Standardized Tests and Your Graduate Education

Every stage of the student experience in the online Master of Science in Business Analytics program from the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University is built on a commitment to excellence. Students attend the Tepper School to learn from top-tier faculty and connect with a cohort that’s packed with future business leaders.

The MSBA program, like all Tepper programs, is academically rigorous and demands a high level of engagement from students. The Admissions Committee thoughtfully considers all applicants to ensure every new student in each cohort has the necessary preparation to be an active participant and academically engaged member of the Tepper community. As a result, most applicants to the MSBA program are required to submit a valid score from either the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).

Applicants who can demonstrate evidence of advanced mathematical ability through previous coursework are eligible to submit an application for consideration without submitting a GMAT/GRE test score. See our waiver page to learn more about applying with a waiver request.

Why Testing Matters

While no single test can capture a candidate’s full potential, a GRE or GMAT score is an important piece of data that helps the committee determine whether a prospective student is ready for the demands of an advanced program for data professionals like the MSBA. Excelling in a business analytics curriculum calls for a combination of skills in mathematics, problem solving, and communications. Standardized testing can be a valuable indication of an individual’s abilities in each of these areas.

One of the most crucial factors in a graduate school experience is your cohort of fellow students. Attending a program with a group of knowledgeable, engaged professionals allows you to make the most of class discussions and opportunities for collaboration. With high standards for admission that include a GRE/GMAT requirement, the MSBA program is designed to attract students who have the demonstrated desire to enroll in a world-class program, rise to the challenges of their courses and go on to contribute to the Tepper alumni network.

How Your GRE/GMAT Performance Affects Admission

There is no minimum GRE or GMAT score for admission to the MSBA program, but the Admissions Committee takes test results into account as one part of its holistic assessment. We recommend taking the time to get ready for your exam by studying test preparation materials.

Your choice to take the GMAT over the GRE or vice versa will not impact the admission decision for your application. We suggest you take the test with which you feel most comfortable and most confident in your ability to perform at your best. You can learn about the structure and content of each exam by visiting the websites of the respective testing organizations:

Other elements under consideration for admission decisions include an individual’s undergraduate background, professional experience, and interview. For additional details, see our Admissions Page.

When You’re Ready to Apply

Completing the GMAT or GRE is an important first step toward reaching your long-term career goals in an exciting, rapidly growing field.

Be sure to schedule your test well before the application deadline for the term when you plan to enroll. Your scores will remain valid for five years.

If you feel your initial results don’t properly represent your abilities, you may retake either test. The Tepper School does not average scores but will consider the highest score obtained in the admission decision. Request that the testing agency send official scores directly to the Tepper School of Business:

  • The GRE Program Code is 4883
  • The GMAT Program Code is MS in Business Analytics: 69H-XH-43

Applicants who meet the admission requirements for the MS in Business Analytics program and are admitted into the program will be on their way to becoming well-rounded experts in this growing field. Visit our admissions page to learn more about how you can apply.

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