We’ll Put You in Touch With an Alumni Ambassador

Tepper’s alumni network is a highly engaged community and an invaluable resource for our students. An admissions counselor would be happy to connect you with a graduate from the online MSBA who can answer your questions. Read below to learn about some of our alumni and how they benefited from this program.

Reed Abraham

Reed Abraham

  • Current Position: Manager, Insights Data Science
  • Employer: Bain & Company
  • City: New York, New York
Get to Know Reed

“Tepper’s online Master of Science in Business Analytics gave me the chance to pivot industries and roles into my current analytics job with Bain & Company.”

“Prior to earning my degree with Carnegie Mellon University, I spent eight years as an aerospace engineer and analyst for Raytheon Technologies. I wanted a highly relevant master’s program that would solidify my business and data skills as well as let me continue growing professionally. The fast pace, focused coursework and cohort organization of Tepper’s MSBA fit the bill perfectly.”

“The MSBA was so relevant that I commonly applied lessons from my classes to my work the very next day. This included analytical techniques and coding skills, and also extended to communication and team building. Core to the experience was my phenomenal cohort, which made group projects a joy. Our cohort was tight-knit, and we still keep in touch — I’m amazed at our representation across industries and backgrounds.”

“If you are also looking to start an analytical pivot, the Tepper MSBA is for you. Its project focus will hone your experience and give you material for employment discussions. The experience is not limited to coursework either, as the Masters Career Center and Accelerate Leadership Center are available for students looking to accelerate their careers and personal growth.”

“I highly recommend the online Master of Science in Business Analytics and would be happy to talk to anyone interested in it.”

Jonathan Culbert

Jonathan Culbert

  • Current Position: Senior Staff Data Scientist
  • Employer: BetterHelp.com
  • City: Mountain View, California
  • Career Focus: Data Science
Get to Know Jonathan

“At Tepper, I learned cutting-edge technical, business and leadership skills that allowed me to take the role of principal data scientist at my organization. I’ve been able to apply my machine learning, data mining and natural language processing skills.”

“I started my career in actuarial science, which gave me a solid grounding in statistics and working with data. As my interests gravitated toward data analytics, my role evolved into more of a business data analyst.”

“I came to Tepper for the rigorous curriculum, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The MSBA program provides the best combination of serious, cutting-edge technical skills with grounding in real business applications, using data to make a real impact. The online format allowed me to keep working while earning my degree, without having to relocate.”

“The Tepper faculty is truly world-class, and because of the small class sizes in the MSBA program, I really got to know many of my instructors. One thing that impresses me is that the faculty have experience in the business world applying the skills that they teach. They relate that experience to us through coursework that never feels like sterile classroom exercises. Their classes prepare us to work with real data on real business problems, with all the messiness and ambiguity that involves.”

“The expectations for MSBA students are high, and that motivated me to do my very best. Rising to the challenge gave me the confidence to advance my career and achieve more than I knew I was capable of.”

“My classmates are some of the brightest, most talented people I have ever met. Working alongside them inspires me to improve myself. After spending the whole program with the same cohort, we really got to know one another, and I’ve built relationships that I know will last many years into the future. I’ve also connected with a number of Tepper alumni at many of the top companies in the world.”

Sagarneel Dubey

Sagarneel Dubey

  • Current Position: Product Owner
  • Employer: Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • City: Boston, Massachusetts
  • Career Focus: Business and Data Analysis
Get to Know Sagarneel

“I started my career as a software developer in one of the leading IT consulting firms. I gradually transitioned to business and data analysis roles, ending up in the role of product owner. My position requires making product decisions based on KPIs and metrics. However, the interpretations of said metrics are often based in heuristics. I needed to learn data analytics grounded in business to make more informed decisions.”

“The Tepper online MSBA program offered me a unique learning opportunity and the ability to apply the concepts that I learned directly to my work. I really enjoyed working with several members of my cohort on various group projects. The experience each one of us brought to the table, combined with the drive to succeed and push boundaries, greatly inspired me every time.”

“The marketing class, with its emphasis on analytical product pricing and placement, helped me a great deal. I was able to apply its concepts at work to create customer personas for a bank and identify the customer segments most prone to churning.”

“I am now looking to make a career change into product management based on the knowledge I gained in the MSBA program.”

Matthew Greenfield

Matthew Greenfield

  • Current Position: Regulatory and Control Operations – Associate
  • Employer: Goldman Sachs
  • City: Hoboken, New Jersey
  • Career Focus: Business and Data Analysis
Get to Know Matthew

“I graduated with master’s and bachelor’s degrees in engineering but since then found myself working in the financial industry for five years. I’ve been in roles focused mainly on control side empowerment.”

“I chose to pursue a master’s through Tepper to deepen my technical skills and expand my business knowledge. I appreciated the ease of scheduling with work-life balance.”

“The faculty were knowledgeable, friendly and passionate, and my cohort was an outstanding group of innovative and motivated individuals.”

Andrew Kwiatkowski

Andrew Kwiatkowski

  • Current Position: Senior Business Specialist
  • Employer: EQT Corporation
  • City: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Career Focus: Business Analysis
Get to Know Andrew

“The Tepper online MSBA was a fantastic opportunity for me to enhance my analytical skill set while gaining expertise in team building and leadership. With a full-time job, building a house and a growing family, an online program fit perfectly with my busy life.”

“The faculty at Tepper are top-notch and were always willing to meet with me on my hectic schedule. My cohort members at Tepper were driven to achieve the best results possible and strive for excellence. We all wanted to achieve success and collaborated to make it happen.”

“I was surprised by how much confidence I gained in my public speaking from completing this program. The coursework on communication improved my ability to not just deliver technical information, but to do it in an impactful way. By coupling that renewed confidence with the course on data visualization, I learned how to create an amazing presentation to articulate my points.”

“Within months of starting this program, I started to utilize Python at work. Soon, I began implementing machine learning models for forecasting and took ownership of an optimization model. With the diverse nature of this program’s curriculum, I was able to gain something useful for my career from every one of the classes. The MSBA has given me the knowledge and confidence to gain a promotion and pursue more in the near future.”

Emma MacKay

Emma MacKay

  • Current Position: Associate, Research & Innovation Group
  • Employer: CPP Investments
  • City: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Career Focus: Analytics and Investment Management
Get to Know Emma

“After completing my undergrad in engineering, I transitioned to work in investment management. Over the past few years, I have mainly focused on our quantitative equities strategy but have also had the chance to collaborate with teams in sustainable investing, active fundamental equities and credit investments. The common thread has always been leveraging data and analytics in the investment management process.”

“I was drawn to the MSBA program at Tepper because of the diverse curriculum, cohort-based model with small class sizes, and the synchronous and asynchronous class structures. Completing my degree online allowed me to pick a program that aligned with my goals, removed the constraint of only looking at schools in my immediate area and gave me the flexibility to continue to work full-time.”

“I was surprised at how diverse the courses were in the MSBA program and how seamlessly they were integrated. The material was always grounded in applying analytics to solve business problems, regardless of whether we were studying marketing, unstructured data mining, team dynamics or deep learning. The program emphasized effectively communicating results, which I have found to be an invaluable skill.”

“The Tepper faculty made classes very interactive and were highly engaged with the material. They were approachable and available outside of class time for further discussion.”

“Group projects gave us the chance to really get to know other members of our cohort even if we weren’t physically in the same room. The diversity of experience within the cohort made discussions really interesting as we were able to see how people in different industries approached a problem or applied the techniques we were learning about.”

“The MSBA program taught me many valuable skills that I’ve been able to apply within my role at work. The analytical skills I’ve learned through the program help me contribute more meaningfully to machine learning research.”

Dipali Mistri

Dipali Mistri

  • Current Position: Data Scientist
  • Employer: BM Technologies
  • City: Newington, Connecticut
  • Career Focus: Data Science
Get to Know Dipali

“I was a biology major during undergrad, but my quantitative background (and some serendipity) allowed me to land a role as a junior data analyst at a fintech company. Eventually, I was promoted to a data analyst/data scientist role. I knew I needed to fill in gaps in my knowledge and move forward professionally, which led me to look into master’s programs.”

“I chose to earn my degree online so I could simultaneously apply the knowledge I learned from class to the workplace. The Tepper online MSBA program stood out to me because it really emphasized the business value of analytics rather than just data science skills.”

“I was not expecting an online program to be so interactive, nor was I expecting to get to know my classmates as well as I did. The majority of the classes involve group projects that require you to meet with your group several times. I’ve never had such positive experiences working in groups in school! Everyone is fully committed to understanding the material and finishing the tasks at hand.”

“The faculty at Tepper are experts in their fields who are always more than willing to meet their students outside of the live sessions and share their knowledge, research papers, etc. Above all, the faculty members are very kind and supportive. They understand the fact that we are balancing our studies alongside a full-time job.”

“I learned a lot of the technical knowledge that I was previously lacking, such as machine learning methods and programming skills. As a result, I can now be more sophisticated when working with data and find relevant business use cases to apply machine learning. Additionally, the MSBA program has taught me to always focus on the business problem at hand and shown me how to be more thoughtful and effective when presenting results to non-technical team members.”

Philip Spencer

Philip Spencer

  • Current Position: Director of Research
  • Employer: Saratoga Research & Investment Management
  • City: Santa Cruz, California
  • Career Focus: Investment Strategy
Get to Know Philip

“After graduating from Brown University with a BA in economics, I began my career in equity research for Saratoga Research & Investment Management, a registered investment advisor in Silicon Valley. I’ve now been with Saratoga for 12 years, and during that time my role has evolved from analyst to portfolio manager to director of research. In my current role, I work directly with the CEO and CIO on the evolution and implementation of our investment strategies.”

“Over the years, I realized that to continue to improve as an organization, we had to expand our modeling capabilities. The online MSBA offered an opportunity to gain a stronger foundation in statistical techniques and expert tutelage in machine learning approaches to business analytics. I wanted to be able to continue working full-time while pursuing my degree, and Tepper provided an extremely effective online learning environment.”

“The professors delivered exceptional offline materials and engaging online lectures. This pairing of offline and online content facilitated a far more in-depth and engaging learning experience than I received as an on-campus undergrad. Professors enthusiastically dedicated significant time to one-on-one and small group interactions. Additionally, faculty had extensive professional and business-related experience to share. I found these interactions enriched the classroom material and were valuable for bridging the gap between theory and practice.”

“The relationships forged in an online program are certainly different from an on-campus one. However, that didn’t diminish our cohort’s ability to engage and work together effectively. The introductory on-campus experience helped us get acquainted, and frequent class discussions and group work built familiarity. The cohort was conscientious and highly motivated by the educational content, which I think speaks volumes about the types of candidates this program attracts. The program administration went to great lengths to build a sense of community for students through seminars and social events.”

“Overall, the MSBA has given me a valuable understanding of the analytical process. The hands-on practice with model development has been extremely useful. I have gained experience and intuition with dimensionality reduction techniques; feature engineering; statistical models and deep learning architectures for both structured and unstructured data; and an appreciation for the promises and pitfalls that data science represents. Importantly, I feel comfortable exploring and learning about new techniques going forward.”

“Since starting the MSBA, I have implemented a portfolio optimization approach to my firm’s portfolio construction and rebalancing process. This ensures that the exposures we have in our strategies are the exposures we want and that the portfolios we manage are consistent with our strategies. I’ve also started a project to assess and calibrate different fundamental factors used in security valuation and quantitative screening. Some of the tools required for this include feature selection and extraction, time series analysis, natural language processing and deep learning models (e.g., LSTM).”

“The MSBA has provided me with the exact tools and context that I wanted. I believe the program has given me the foundation I needed to continue to build on these skills in the future. I have a whole new way to approach the modeling I do every day, and I expect it to deliver value for me and my firm going forward.”

Thao Spraggins

Thao Spraggins

  • Current Position: Senior Analyst
  • Employer: The Walt Disney Company
  • City: Los Angeles, California
  • Career Focus: Payments Analytics
Get to Know Thao

“I chose the MSBA at Tepper because it offered a well-rounded curriculum for professionals like me to pivot into analytics. I had just started at a new company, and the online program allowed me to apply concepts from the program straight to the projects at work. Additionally, Tepper has a great reputation, and my initial interactions with the admissions counselor were very insightful.”

“Before starting, I did not expect to have much interaction with the professors since I assumed the classes would be in big “lecture halls.” However, the professors were attentive and thoughtful. Throughout the program, every professor cared for my progress in the class, and they all reflected meticulously on the class evaluations.”

“One of the best aspects of the program was working with a diverse group of talented professionals. Everyone brought unique perspectives from their work experience to contribute to our group projects. We had many events to network with each other, and the administration has been attentive. I leveraged the Tepper Masters Career Center to discuss career goals and took their advice to connect with alumni from my company.”

“I recently moved from a sourcing analyst role to payments analytics. The data mining and visualization concepts I learned in the online MSBA have helped in many of my projects at work. I have been able to improve decks I present to executives by turning technical terms into useful business insights.”

Mike Zakin

Mike Zakin

  • Current Position: Retail Data Science Manager
  • Employer: Ernst & Young
  • City: Boston, Massachusetts
Get to Know Mike

“I have been in consulting my entire career in various roles: auditing, financial due diligence, M&A analytics, analytics strategy and retail data science.”

“The Tepper program was the right blend of academic rigor and practical application. Given that I had been out of school for more than 10 years, the two introductory courses in statistics and programming helped me shake off some of the rust and get my mind back in the game.”

“I chose the online MSBA because I did not want to be limited by my geography and could not pick up and move my family. Earning the degree online allowed me to access world-class faculty in Pittsburgh from my home in Boston.”

“Tepper faculty are some of the best minds in the world. They are passionate about the subjects they teach and often bring their research into the classroom. Plus, learning from students with different academic backgrounds and career experiences provided a level of enrichment that is unparalleled. The networks and relationships I built will continue to benefit me as I navigate through my career.”

“Students receive so much support from the faculty and the staff throughout, from academics to leadership to career advice. My family circumstances were difficult throughout the program, and the team worked with me to make sure I was getting the support I needed to be successful.”

“The program did a nice job of giving us enough depth to understand and apply topics while also providing the tools to expand our knowledge in areas of interest. I loved learning statistics and machine learning concepts as well as the applications of these concepts to different disciplines, such as finance, marketing and supply chain. At work, I have already used some of the regression and decision-tree techniques to make predictions on where a company should locate its next store.”

“The online MSBA program will have a profound impact on my career as it opened my eyes to many interesting disciplines.”